In just 28 days, you can be back in the saddle - proud of what you've accomplished and ready to take on the world. And with the resources of this challenge, you can do all of that without feeling overwhelmed, confused, or hungry -- we’ve got it all covered.
Maybe you were already on a WW Smartpoint Freestyle, but you temporarily fell off the wagon and need some help getting back on.
Maybe you're ready for a big change, and you're serious this time about getting healthy and sticking with it.
Maybe this is your first time trying a WW Smartpoint Freestyle, but you're excited to get started in the easiest and healthiest way you can.
Or Maybe you just want a fun challenge, where you can meet people, make friends, and be healthy together.

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Why Is The WW Smartpoint Challenge Is Not Available In Hard Copy?

Because the WW smartpoint challenge and bundle of books includes more than 1000 pages with high resolution color photos. It would cost over $300 to make a hard copy plus shipping charges. That's expensive & we wanted to provide this challenge at a very affordable cost so that everyone can get it. So we decide to publish it as an Easy-Access-E-Book instead you have can this in your Laptop,PC,IPAD,OR in MOBILE PHONE for easy access and you can carry it.